The Federal Working Group Difference

A small business with a different “look and feel”:

  • Effective support that builds customer trust and loyalty.
    • Federal Working Group repeatedly receives contract renewals and outstanding customer references, with a recent overall Open Ratings score of 96 out of 100.
  • A focus on attracting and retaining highly skilled and experienced professionals within a lean corporate structure so that we can deliver top talent at competitive rates.
    • In a competitive marketplace, our rate of voluntary turnover among professional staff remains very low
  • Corporate experience and capacity to manage large and complex contracts and task orders as a prime contractor, with practical application of structured management frameworks developed by the ITIL®, the Project Management Institute, the Software Engineering Institute and other IT project management best practices frameworks.
    • Flexible, adaptive project management approaches and tools tailored and right-sized for application to individual customer requirements and their unique organizational and technical environment.
  • Our ability and willingness to identify, engage, and hire “best of breed” staff, specialized consultants, or large and small business subcontractors through research, professional contacts, social media, and other means.
    • A highly collaborative and collegial work environment based on fairness and transparent business understandings.

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