Quality Assurance- Quality Controls- Quality Improvement

Quality Assurance – is built into every phase of our management process.

Quality Controls– is an integral component of each product and service we deliver. We stress:

Security Management: We are committed to ensure compliance with Federal mandates and adherence to good business practice to maintain the privacy of personal information, confidentiality of sensitive government data, and integrity and availability of information systems.

Individual Accountability: All personnel deployed by Federal Working Group fulfill a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction through the systematic execution of processes and plans to deliver quality products and services.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement

Customer-Centered Focus: We organize performance measures around a “customer satisfaction perspective,” using performance measures to quantify and measure the quality, timeliness, and effectiveness of assigned work.

Quality Improvement– Based on valid performance measures and results, we continuously assess and adjust performance using statistics to enhance product quality, manage risk, and improve efficiency.

We recognize quality is not only achieved thorough measures, but also through a culture of open communication and dialogue, to include program management reviews, customer meetings, and employee discussion and training sessions.