Federal Working Group is dedicated to providing our customers with best-in-class services, leading to high satisfaction levels. Since our inception, we have achieved success based upon four key cornerstones:

final customer success

Customer Focus:

We are committed to fulfilling our commitments and delivering practical, effective solutions to real-world challenges.

High Performance Professionals:

We leverage diverse and flexible strategies to recruit and engage full- and part-time multi-discipline employees, consultants, and subcontractors in a collaborative approach to supporting customer requirements. This gives Federal Working Group access to a broad base of skills and specialties to the benefit of our clients starting on day one of our projects.

Communication and Feedback:

We listen to our customers and ensure that we thoroughly understand project requirements and customer preferences, and then communicate with them throughout project planning and implementation. We take the time to assess the unique organizational and mission characteristics of each of our clients so that our approaches and solutions are effective within that context.

Commitment to Quality and Process Improvement:

Our approach to providing high quality services and process improvement is based on selective application of management best practice frameworks (such as PMBOK, ISO, ITIL, and CMMI) as relevant to the size, scope, risk, and complexity of the project and in consort with our client’s own processes, preferences, and IT lifecycle.