As the guardian and gatekeeper of sensitive data, our customers have important system and data security requirements. Federal Working Group serves as a trusted advisor and support resource in addressing these requirements and helping ensure compliance with mandatory laws such as Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), guidance issued by OMB such as A-130 and the guidelines such as NIST SP 800 Series and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) (199, 200 and 201).

To effectively meet these challenges requires an approach that anticipates and proactively addresses these requirements, while at the same time confirming operational systems remain secure by implementing a security approach that encompasses dimensions ranging from personnel security to IT security. Our expertise:

    • Security Assessment Plans
    • Contingency Planning
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Continuity of Operations
    • Security Polices and Standard Operating Procedures
    • Risk Assessment
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Information Security Management
    • Security Testing & Evaluation
    • POA&M Management
    • Security Infrastructure

Key Benefit

Our process allows managers to balance the operational and economic costs of protective measures against the need to perform mission related functions.

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